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By | July 21, 2019

Eid ul adha hajj 2019 is the most important activity of the Islamic year and calendar. Muslims are waiting from whole year to go for hajj and perform this great duty and become a great man after this. You can have to do only good sins in your hajj and also in your life. This activity is purely belonging to the Islam and Muslim. You have to make some planning that how you can go and what to do.

In the life make some good friends because these are your life companion. When there are some good life friends then it will be better for you. On this eid ul adha we have to buy some animals which are allowed by the Islam for their sacrifice on this eid. Now to tell you one most important thing that slaughter of animal activity is not also for every Muslim. But these are only for those whom who have powerful money background and able to buy the animals for performing this great work for Allah.

Eid Ul Adha Hajj 2019

Guys through this you will have to make more room for your love in other mind and heart. We are all doing this thing to get the great blessing of Allah. When you simple words of Happy eid Mubarak my dear friend then it will create a sensation of love in other one mind. Moreover, we are all hungry of love and sweetness. So it is better chance to get something like these things for your life.

In mosque prayer at its top for their countries and also for getting more blessing of Allah from him. Furthermore is that when you are happy then your family and friends are also happy with you. In the same manner when your Allah will be happy from you then he will give you whatever you want from him. In images I give pictures of khana kabba because it is the most holiness of Allah where every Muslim wants to sit and touch his bricks.

This day will be more remarkable for you because you are going to make some friend on this day just by sharing some good life thing with other. Happy eid Mubarak my dear friend because it is time to just enjoy and make some life time relations with each other. Everybody trying to do those things which are really good for those whom we have to make good life with this eid ul hajj 2019.

eid ul adha hajj 2019 eid ul adha hajj 2019

eid ul adha hajj 2019

eid ul adha hajj 2019 eid ul adha hajj 2019

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